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Welcome to Delphinus Marine Group, LLC.

We are dedicated to your passion for sailing by restoring, repairing your boat so you can enjoy the finer pleasures of life, being on the water.

Our range of services include simple hull and deck repairs, major structural repairs, woodworking, electrical and plumbing systems, finshes, refurbishing interiors or completing a project that you are invloved with. Quality is inherent in what we do; your boat will be returned to original or many times better condition than new.

Customer service is not lip service, it is the foundation of our relationship with you. Together we can ensure your project is completed and that you are ready for the water. Our passion for sailing runs deep and we intend to increase the awareness and popularity of sailing in the mainstream. Currently, we are developing our first sailboat that will meet the needs of many sailors, in a variety of conditions. We invite you to visit often as details and updates become available.

“Your Passion is our Business”